Monday, July 27, 2009

Homemade Cheese (paneer)


*Milk (whole, lowfat, or skim)
*lemon juice or vinegar
*cheesecloth or think white cloth
*cooking thermometer

Slowly heat the milk in the saucepan over low or medium-low heat , stirring occasionally, until it is roughly 175F, or until it is not quite to the boiling point. Add vinegar or lemon juice to the milk a tablespoonfull at a time, stirring slowly, until the milk begins to curdle. When you can tell the difference between the curds and whey (one will look like cottage cheese and the rest like yellowish water), then take off heat and add no more lemon juice or vinegar. place cheesecloth in a colander with edges draping over the rim. SLOWLY pour the curds into the colander and let sit until most of the water has drained off. Add salt to your liking, tie ends of the cloth and hang over the sink for several hours. Alternatively, add salt, form the curds into a square shape, wrap up in cheesecloth, and place on a cutting board. Place something under one end of the board to have it at a slant, and place a heavy book on top of the wrapped cheese to press out the water. Let sit for several hours or overnight in a cool place. Remove cloth and cut into chunks and store in a plastic container in the refigerator.


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